Integrated action


bigdata29Lyntek has been very successfully and largely applying this methodology through excellent results with:



risk management and analysis on:

– supply chain
– equipment operations
– project, prevention, recovery program, maintenance centered on reliability and forecasting



optimization and operational research on:

– transport optimization to avoid delays and to improve routing and scheduling of fleets


data mining techniques applied to big data on:

– classification, profiles and characteristics detection on any database
– text mining
– reviews and recommendations on marketing
– detection of anomalies, fraud and crimes
– identification of waste, contamination and disease risks
– business intelligence – BI
– forecasts of climate change consequences along the century on global temperature, sea level, etc
– forecasts and analysis of economics and finance, bottlenecks in any type of flows, sport and marketing campaigns results
– improving socio-economic development by optimizing and streamlining investment applying in public services using members social indicators in current and forecasting analysis
– IoT design and deploy of sensors, data lake and analytics on real time streaming and batch processing.